Wood Framed Homes

December 16, 2020

  Good Ol' Florida is known for it's warm, humid weather and believe it or not, they've got a real termite issue as well.

         If you are looking to purchase a wood frame home, STOP and consider these factors and potential costs. Subterranean termite are most commonly know in Florida and typicaly swarm in the months of October to Feburary. Florida has seen a record high for termite population in 2020 and there's no end in sight. If you are unsure what these pesky insects look like, see the attachment from Coastal Pest Control FL. 

If you are considering the purchase of a wood frame home, confirm with your Realtor that a WDO (wood destroying organisms) report will be performed during your inspection period. It is extremely important to verify there are no active or previously active termite presence as well as past damage. Ask the seller to provide proof of yearly termite bond/treatment to ensure the property has been covered during his/her/their ownership. 

-The average yearly cost for a termite bond is $500 (Con)

-Consider the resale of this property. As a real estate broker, I have seen many of my buyers refuse to even look at a wood frame home. (Con)

-Lack of resilience to major hurricanes and tornados which can increase your home owners insurance. (Con)

-Wood frame homes are said to be easier to remodel and/or add additions to the property. (Pro)

However, concrete block homeowners are not completely off the hook. Concrete block homes are still lined with wood baseboards/crown molding, room walls, and door frames so it's always a good idea to maintain some sort of treatment throughtout the year. 








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