A peaceful, cozy, tight-knit community that’s attractive to families.

Welcome to ANTHONY

Anthony is a very small unincorporated community in Marion County. It's reserved, secluded, and very peaceful to live there, especially if you enjoy being friendly with your neighbors. Anthony is the type of place where everyone knows everyone, creating a sense of community that’s warm and welcoming. 

Best-known for its many horse farms and close proximity to notable equestrian centers, Anthony has become a prime destination for families, farmers, and horse owners. It also attracts retirees who want to relax in a tranquil setting without worrying about the rush of city life.

What to Love

  • Small, tight-knit community

  • Great economy 

  • Horse country

  • Fun downtown area

People & Lifestyle 

As a niche town, it's not too surprising that Anthony is alluring to people with small families or who want to escape from overcrowded cities. Planned in 1883 after the railroad extension, Anthony was named after one of its founders, E.C. Anthony. The town was known as a popular spot for phosphate mining and eventually was incorporated in 1892. 

Years later, while burdened by the Great Depression, Anthony became disincorporated and has remained that way since 1932. Therefore, not many main roads were ever financed to the town, which is why it remains somewhat isolated from neighboring communities. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping 

Anthony's Pizza & Subs is a locally-owned business that has been open for more than 30 years. Doubling as a great place to get pizza and a sandwich shop, it's a go-to for locals and visitors. 

Some of their most popular dishes are the Cuban sub, the Italian—especially if you get it on garlic bread!—and their calzones. If you get a sandwich, be sure to load it up with their house sauce! Best of all, the food is fairly-priced and their customer service is top-notch. 

If you want more options and a variety of dishes, Papy's Place is a traditional diner with a wide assortment of cuisine on their menu. They advertise their daily specials via social media and enjoy changing their menu up regularly to keep customers coming back for something different each time! Whether you want a colorful seafood platter, a taco salad, or prime rib, Papy's Place has something for everyone.

There aren't a lot of shopping options in Anthony—since it’s a tiny town—so most residents travel to neighboring communities for errands. 

Things to Do

Considering how tiny Anthony is, there is, unfortunately, little to do. However, it’s extremely close to the Greater Ocala Area. Residents are only a short drive away from plenty of fun activities. 

Canyons Zip Line & Canopy Tours is one of the best-rated outdoor activities in Ocala and is less than 5 miles away from Anthony. With multiple zip line tours, guests are treated to breathtaking scenery and views of glittering lakes, forests, and cliffs.

If you're really adventurous, you can even visit Bubba Raceway. Take lessons, watch racing series, and check out their special events, such as the Bubba Army Winter Nationals and Mike Peters Open.

During the winter months, keep children entertained by visiting Anthony’s Kandy Kane Treeland. Pick out the perfect Christmas tree and enjoy fun festivities. On the weekends, they sell boiled peanuts and offer free candy canes and coloring books to the kids. Adults can also purchase poinsettias, wreaths, and more. 


Anthony is served by the Marion School District, but there aren't many institutions in its immediate vicinity. The primary school is the highly-rated Anthony Elementary. An exemplary community school, its faculty values instilling children with important developmental skills in an engaging learning environment.

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